Digital Material



Researching speculative exploration in interactive design, art and technology

An experiment with the Royal Danish Theatre (a suitcase of methods) around audience participation. Image from the performance "Puncline" by Helle Fuglsang. Glass Blown heart that vibrates to the pulse of the Dancer/Performer.

Speculative Exploration

The digital material exploration collective is a research collaboration initiated by researchers at Roskilde University. The main agenda is to develop an experimental approach to researching the potential of new technologies and materials: Speculative explorations in interactive design, art and technology. The massive evolvement of technology invites an ongoing exploration of the creative and speculative spaces they open up. It calls for a sensibility towards the possibilities in materials, tinkering, hacking, redesigning, shaping and questioning possible, probable and potential outcomes. computational material exploration includes play, aesthetics, experience, engagement, embodiment, social and physical elements. We strive to cultivate a practice based on the following assumptions:

  • New technological innovation happens all the time and there should be an active academic and democratic discourse around its potentials.
  • Technology exploration is fundamentally a creative process and should be treated as such.
  • Computational material technologies should be explored from within their own potential, speculative contexts not merely justified from a problem or solution oriented perspective.

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Speculation is about projecting and unfolding multiple potentials and contexts (B) from digital and material interactive designs, art and technology (A). From one A can follow many potential B's. Exploration is about researching these for their unpredictable properties and affordances. Speculative exploration is about creating technologies and competences to intervene in, experiment with and express through digital material artifacts and environments.

Animatronic prototype using airflow for movement (By Mads Hobye)

Friends and collaborators

Interactive touch composite (glass + technology + light). Experiment as a part of dynamic transprancies with Henrik Svarrer Larsen, Peter Kuchinke and Mads Hobye.